Hi there!,

Thanks for taking the time to checkout INVESTios: Moving on out. As you could probably tell, this is only a proof on concept game. The goal of this game is to teach 3 main things to high school students who are about to graduate:
1. How to budget monthly living expenses
2. How to have a healthy work/life/school balance
3. How to start investing initially, and how to build wealth.

This game is a Novel style RPG that follows James, a recent new highschool graduate, on his way out to university. The player will need to balance their budget while living away from home and become more financially literate along the way. 

For any suggestions on additions to the game, or if you'd like to help in some regard, send me an email to "brogainslifting@gmail.com"
or check out my website at "broganpratt.com"

Thanks for the support!
-Brogan Pratt

How to Play:

-Use WASD or the Arrow Keys to Move

-"E" to interact with other characters and objects in the house. Try interacting with notes, shelves, everything! You may discover something. 

-SPACEBAR to jump

-Hold SHIFT to run

-Use the the ARROW KEYS and RETURN buttons for dialogue interactions

The game is made in the Godot Engine, 3.1

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